Terms and Conditions

Please read our booking terms and conditions below before making a booking with Wooldown Holiday Cottages.

If you have any queries regarding our booking terms and conditions or anything else, please just get in touch.

1. Terms

All terms are for the dates stated and the property as equipped and described.  The booking leader and/or party are obliged to leave everything in a clean and tidy condition and will also be held responsible for any damage or loss sustained during your stay.  

Prices include VAT at 20% (where applicable) and are subject to change if the rate or application of VAT changes.  In the event of a change in the VAT rate during the course of the year your holiday will be invoiced at the new amount of VAT unless you have already taken your holiday or paid the balance in full, prior to the date of change.

2. Suitability

The booking leader must be over 18 years of age to make a booking.  Wooldown Holiday Cottages reserve the right to refuse bookings whereby the party is not suited towards solo and partner holidays, “stag/hen” parties for example, are not permitted.  Failure to disclose full details of the number, sex and approximate age of each member at the time of booking or at any other point may result in a booking termination at any time.

Wooldown Holiday Cottages reserve the right to refuse to hand over accommodation or leave accommodation in the hands of any person(s) who in a reasonable opinion may not be suitable to take responsibility of a property.

3. Booking leader

The person who placed the booking shall be responsible for the party staying.  In the event of the booking leader not being present, the organiser or leader designated by the party shall be responsible. If the booking organiser/leader is unable to provide required information about the party, Wooldown Holiday Cottages reserve the right not to hand over accommodation to the party staying.

4. Booking

4. a. Online

A booking request can be made via the online reservation system, in this case when a booking is submitted the booking leader will receive an automatically generated booking summary by email.  This does not form a contract.  Wooldown Holiday Cottages will review a booking request, if the booking meets the booking terms and conditions, payment is taken and will be confirmed in the form of a payment receipt by email to the booking leader.

4. b. Offline

A booking can also be made via an offline method such as over the telephone or by post. If the booking leader does not have an email address a payment receipt confirmation can be sent by post by request.

4. c. Amendments

4.c.a. Arrival/Departure date amendments

Subject to availability, the booked number of nights can be increased at any time prior to or during the holiday, this will be calculated and charged based on our standard rates.

In the event that a stay is cut short (for example, if the booked party decide to depart a day early) no refund can be issued for nights that have not been used.

4.c.b. Property Change

Subject to availability, a Wooldown Holiday Cottage property may be changed providing an administration charge of £20 and any increase in accommodation price is paid.

4. d. Transfer

The booking leader may transfer their booking to someone else/another party (introduced by the booking leader) at any time providing Wooldown Holiday Cottages accept the changes.  Notification of the changes are required before the transfer takes place, this can be made by email, post, use of a new booking form or in any format originating from the booking leader.  An administration fee of £20 is required to carry out a transfer.

4. e. Termination

Wooldown Holiday Cottages reserve the right to terminate your booking immediately without being liable for any refund or compensation whereby the booking leader or the party carries out any of the following at the Wooldown Holiday Cottages site:

  • Engage in unacceptable behaviour that causes a disturbance.
  • Becomes a nuisance to other persons (guests or neighbours for example).
  • Is detrimental to the property/assets of Wooldown Holiday Cottages.
  • Fails to comply with safety rules and regulations.
  • Persons not listed on the booking form (such as family friends staying the area) or additional persons which are above the maximum property occupancy (2 adults) enter the Wooldown Holiday Cottages site without permission from Wooldown Holiday Cottages.
  • It is apparent that smoking has taken place inside any property/buildings on the site.

In the event of a termination of stay, the party will remain liable to pay the full hire price and will need to vacate the accommodation and site within 4 hours.

5. Payment

Unless it has been agreed, if payment has not been obtained within five working days the booking will be terminated on the understanding it is no longer required.  Wooldown Holiday Cottages will endeavour to contact the booking leader prior to termination.

5. a. Deposit

A deposit of 25% (minimum £50) of the accommodation price is required to secure the booking.

5. b. Security deposit

The booking leader may be asked to pay a returnable security deposit by authorising a credit card payment or cheque at the time of booking, after the booking request has been received or in some cases on arrival.

The security deposit may be used to cover any breakages, damages or additional cleaning costs which must be reported, in the event additional costs are incurred this will be deducted from the security deposit or if no security deposit has been held, the booking leader will be invoiced.

5. c. Balance

Any outstanding balances must be paid at least six weeks prior to the booking start date. The full amount shall be payable for bookings made within six weeks.

Failure to meet the payment deadline (as detailed on your confirmation) will result in the cancellation of your booking and the forfeiture of any previous payments (e.g. deposit payment).  Payment reminders are not sent.

5. d. Additional charges

There may be charges related to some payment methods, the booking leader will be notified before such charges are taken.

In the event payment is made in a currency other than GBP(£) bank charges and other legitimate costs incurred may be passed onto the booking leader.

6. Cancellation

6. a. Cancellation of booking by you

If the booking leader wishes to cancel a holiday, Wooldown Holiday Cottages should be notified immediately either by email or telephone, acknowledgment of the cancellation will be provided by us in writing.

If you took out our cancellation cover and meet one of the criterion, then:

  • You will receive a full refund for the holiday cost.

If you did not take out our cancellation cover:

  • You are still liable for the holiday value.
  • In the event of your holiday being re-let, you will be entitled to a refund payment based on the period of stay re-let minus the deposit amount (25%).

In both cases, any payment processing charges will not be refunded.

If notice of a cancellation for a holiday at least ten months prior to the start date, an unconditional refund will be issued minus an administration charge of £20.00.

6. b. Cancellation Cover

Cancellation cover may only be taken out at the time of booking. If the booking leader has to cancel the holiday for one of the reasons below a refund up to the total amount of monies paid to Wooldown Holiday Cottages for the related holiday, up to and including the day before the holiday start day, providing supporting evidence is supplied (e.g. Doctors Certificate, Redundancy Notice, etc).

Reasons covered:

  • A member of your party, or a close relative suffers a serious illness, accident or death which you did not know about at the time of booking.
  • A member of your party is made redundant (after 10 months continuous employment) within 6 weeks of the holiday start date.
  • A member of your party is called for Jury Service or as a witness in a court of law.
  • A member of the party serving in HM Forces is subject to an unforeseen posting (other than arising from war or similar hostilities); and your party is prevented from going on holiday.
  • A burglary occurs at the home of a member of your party within 14 days of the holiday start date.
  • A fire, flood or storm occurs at the home of a member of your party within 14 days of the holiday start date which makes their home uninhabitable.

6. c. Personal holiday insurance.

It is strongly advised guests take out personal travel/holiday insurance.

7. Check-in and check-out

The usual time of takeover is from 4:00pm (subject to unavoidable delays) on the day of arrival, the property must be vacated by 10:15am.

The booking leader and/or party are obliged to leave everything in a clean and tidy condition and will also be held responsible for any damage or loss sustained during your stay.

8. Occupancy and additional visitors/guests

The booking leader shall be responsible for supplying an accurate total number of all members in the party prior to or at the time of booking, this needs to be in a written or electronic format.  

The party total number must not exceed the capacity of the property (2 persons) unless the booking leader has been given permission by Wooldown Holiday Cottages and this shall be a condition of the booking leaders contractual arrangement.

Persons not listed on the booking form (such as family friends staying the area) or additional persons which are above the maximum property occupancy are not permitted to enter the Wooldown Holiday Cottages site, unless the booking leader has been granted permission from Wooldown Holiday Cottages.

In the event of Wooldown Holiday Cottages discovering the maximum capacity of the property has been surpassed without permission by the booking leader, Wooldown Holiday Cottages reserve the right to conduct a booking termination (see section 4.e).

9. Bed linen and towels

Bed linen and towels are provided for members of the party listed on the booking form (this may include duvets, blankets and sheets).  

Towels are subject to availability and Wooldown Holiday Cottages will endeavour to provide towels for all members of the party, additional towels can be hired at £3.00 per set.

10. Consideration for others

10. a. Audio

Music systems, televisions and other audio equipment must not exceed a medium volume and must not be audible outside the property.

11. Damage and shortcomings

11. a. Property

The booking leader shall be responsible for reporting any shortcomings or damages to Wooldown Holiday Cottages as soon as they are caused or discovered so that action can be taken to rectify the problem.

The booking leader is liable for any damage caused in the property or on the Wooldown Holiday Cottage site during the period of hire.

If any shortcomings or damage is not satisfactorily resolved, please contact Wooldown Holiday Cottages as soon as possible.

In relation to all complaints that do not involve personal injury, illness or death, Wooldown Holiday Cottages cannot accept any liability if the booking leader fails to raise a complaint or claim during the booking period or provides full details within 28 days from the end of the booking period.

11. b. Guest vehicles

Guest vehicles and their accessories and contents are left entirely at the owners risk.  Wooldown Holiday Cottages will not be responsible for any loss or damage from or to any vehicle from any cause whatsoever other than, in the case of the owner(s), the negligence of him/herself or his/her employees or agents or, in our case negligence of ourselves or our employees or agents.

12. Property access during your stay

Wooldown Holiday Cottages reserve the right to enter the property at any time for any reasonable purpose, for example, maintenance work, housekeeping or guest experience enhancement.

Access may be required by Wooldown Holiday Cottage employees and/or contracted third parties during the booked period.  Property occupation by guests is not exclusive.

13. Property details and pricing errors

13.1. Property Details

Property descriptions, images and prices may be changed at any time.  Due to the business nature advertisements and marketing literature can become out-of-date very quickly, therefore, it is the booking leader’s responsibility to check any important details with Wooldown Holiday Cottages.

13.2. Pricing errors

The booking leader shall be contacted as soon as Wooldown Holiday Cottages are aware of any pricing errors or discrepancies.  Wooldown Holiday Cottages will not seek to correct a pricing error of a confirmed booking more than 14 working days from the booking date.

If the corrected price is higher than the confirmed price the booking leader can decline to pay the additional amount, in this case a full refund will be given providing Wooldown Holiday Cottages are notified within 5 working days of being formally advised of the error.

14. Availability

14. a. Property availability

A specific property or properties are selected and confirmed as booked on the understanding that the property will be available for the party’s use on the dates and times agreed.  

In certain circumstances ‘force majeure’ (see section 18) does not make the booking possible or it may interrupt the booked period.  In this event Wooldown Holiday Cottages will endeavour to offer an alternative property, if this is not possible or the booking leader does not wish to accept the alternative property Wooldown Holiday Cottages will refund the accommodation cost accordingly.

14. b. Availability of facilities, amenities, services and programme of activities.

14. b. a. Goods and services provided by Wooldown Holiday Cottages.

Facilities, amenities and services or the whole or any part of any programme of activities which have previously been advertised available may be withdrawn without prior notice where it is necessary to do so, this may be due to repairs, maintenance, weather conditions, considerations of safety and circumstances beyond control.

A full refund will be given by Wooldown Holiday Cottages for any monies paid in respect of additional goods or services offered by Wooldown Holiday Cottages that are no longer available.

14. b. b. Goods and services provided by a third party.

Wooldown Holiday Cottages may recommend or advertise additional goods and services offered by third parties (eg. Holistic Therapist or Catering) this is provided in good faith and there is no further liability towards Wooldown Holiday Cottages.

14. c. Internet access

Internet access, where available, is not guaranteed and is provided subject to third party terms and conditions which are available on request.  The facility is not subject to any particular security/filtering measures and parental/guardian supervision is required when users are under the age of 18.

Wooldown Holiday Cottages reserve the right to disclose the booking leader's name and address to the contracted internet service provider if it is found that the booking leader or member of the party illegally downloaded content from the internet or otherwise engaged in unlawful activity whilst using the facility.

15. Smoking

Smoking is not permitted in any buildings at Wooldown Holiday Cottages.

If it is found this condition has been broken it will lead to an immediate termination of stay (see section 4.e) and/or additional cleaning costs may be incurred, for which the booking leader will be liable.

16. Wheelchair and Disabled Access

The layout of some properties may be unsuitable for guests with mobility difficulties. If any person is unsure of the suitability of the site then further information can be provided by Wooldown Holiday Cottages on request that includes written details of special needs so suitable accommodation can be advised.

17. Pets and farm animals

Pets are strictly prohibited on site at any time in the interest of animal welfare and the safety and general welfare of all guests of Wooldown Holiday Cottages.

Wooldown Holiday Cottages endeavour to ensure any animals that may be present on-site are kept in designated, secure areas when required and are separate from guests living and recreational areas, guests must take care as animals may be found in the vicinity of these areas.

Guests are expected to observe animals basic rights to exist free from harm and to receive due care and consideration from guests that choose to engage with the animals.  Whilst guests are welcome to enjoy unsupervised company of animals on the site Wooldown Holiday Cottages cannot take responsibility for accidents or injuries visitors may receive whilst engaging with the animals.

18. Force Majeure

Circumstances amounting to ‘force majeure’ includes any events Wooldown Holiday Cottages could not foresee or avoid. These circumstances include:

  • Destruction or damage of the property (which cannot reasonably be rectified to a satisfactory standard before the start of the booking.
  • Fire.
  • Flood.
  • Explosion.
  • Storm or other weather damage or adverse weather conditions.
  • Break-in/Criminal damage.
  • Riots.
  • Civil Strife.
  • Natural or nuclear disaster.
  • Industrial action.
  • War or threat of war.
  • Actual or threatened terrorist activity.
  • Any similar events beyond Wooldown Holiday Cottages' control.

In the event of the performance of the contract between Wooldown Holiday Cottages and the booking leader is prevented or affected by reasons or circumstances which amount to 'force majeure', Wooldown Holiday Cottages cannot accept responsibility or pay any compensation or other costs that may have been incurred as a result of any such event or change which is beyond control.

19. Liability

Wooldown Holiday Cottages cannot accept liability for any damage, break-in, injury, death or loss of any nature whatsoever suffered by any person(s) from any cause whatsoever other than in the case of proven negligence of the the owners, their employees or agents.

20. Further Conditions

There may be further rules and conditions to ensure Wooldown Holiday Cottages comply with matters such as health and safety and fire. You can contact Wooldown Holiday Cottages if you have any concerns or queries with conditions that are or are not listed in this document.